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Apr 26, 2011

Confederate statue taken down

Statue of the "East and West Baton Rouge Parishes Confederate Soldiers" Memorial. Remained on the medium of North Blvd. at 3rd Street for 125 years.

Recently, this old statue of a Confederate Soldier was taken down. It use to sit atop a cement base with steps until the base began to crumble and they replaced the statue on this unworthy base. It was taken down for the construction of the new "Baton Rouge Town Square" and It will eventually be installed onto the Old State Capitol grounds beside the "Merci Railroad Boxcar" (additional link). For now it is at DPW on Chippewa St.

The original base with statue was erected in honor of the veterans of the Civil War from East and West Baton Rouge Parishes. It was dedicated by Governor John McEnery (Jan. 13,1873-May 22, 1873).

[Note: McEnery was not allowed to finish his term as it was illegal for Democrat's in Louisiana to be elected under Federal reconstruction edicts until the Federal troops left Louisiana in 1877. Reason being Democrats was made up in part by White supremacy (old South); Republicans being the anti-slavery party.] 

UPDATE: The preserving of the statue was put to a vote parish wide, and it was elected to be preserved on the Old State Capital Building grounds. The Town Square is completed (the reason why the statue was taken down in the first place), but I went down town to see it, expecting it to be installed, but it was nowhere to be seen, unless the Executive Branch of Parish Government vetoed the election to save it.

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Anonymous said...

My understanding is the statue has been moved from Old State Capital to Port Allen. It's a shame the 125 year old statue was not classified as a National Historic Places to stop the moving (but placing on the register may still be possibls ). Confederate veterans are classified as U.S. veterans so I suspect local government had no authority to remove veterans statue. Was the statue donated to city or state,