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Sep 1, 2008

Confederate Soldier's of East and West Baton Rouge Parishes Memorial, 1886

Original 1886 Monument with local veterans of the Civil War
[The original base (concrete or mortar) of this monument began to crack so it had to be taken down, so all that remain on North Blvd. @ Third St. is the confederate soldier stature.]
[Source did not show copyright, captured from thesis.] 

Original, 122 year old, statue on a cheap, unadorned, replacement base.

Concerning photo below: I discovered today (8/16/2011), where this statue was stored and took some close-ups.

Great detail was given to this statue, the canteen and the bayonet behind it, and the bed roll carried on his back.
The harness will remain on the statue until placed in the Old Capitol Grounds.

I am really impressed with the detail, especially his face and mustache.
 Some say the statue is modeled after Gov. Henry Watkins Allen (Colonel) other say, Colonel Andrew Stewart Herron.

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