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About this site

I have over 3000 broken links and I don't want a job fixing them.

If I have not responded to you and you think that I should have, or didn't answer your question adequately enough, please write me again, my inbox is always open to anyone who want to know about Baton Rouge History.

At a cursory glance you might think of my blog - "There's nothing here" - and you would be mistaken because I know of the nuggets that are buried in these pages, those nuggets are rare data and lost trivia, recovered of a people long gone and a city we walk in the midst of today and those people are like a shadowy figure our eyes just catch a glimpse of and is gone.

This site is the work of 4+ years (12/18/07 is the date of my first post) of researching the history of my city, Baton Rouge.

It is my wish that I had a better site to present to my viewers. 

For me being the only person who works on this site and to consider that I am self-educated, not school educated, and considering my other limitations this is a pretty darn good web site even if I have to toot my own horn. Actually, I don't have to toot my own horn, viewer comment, especially, in the Mail Form private messages, tells me so - What a great site... - is what I hear all the time. It is amazing what someone with a passion can do. Thanks!

Thank you for visiting my web site.

I would love to receive feedback (what you like, what you don't like, what you would change) about this site, either through individual post comments, or by the private comment form, I listen to my visitors.

If anyone have knowledge of why my title color goes out after page load or how to fix it, I would appreciate you Emailing me, thanks.