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Aug 25, 2012

Photos from Port Allen regarding Gov. Allen and Allendale

This replacement marker dedicated Sept. 23, 1959 
Allendale Plantation Historical Marker Dedication

These structure's and others like these is said to have come
from Allendale Platation. Call them slave quarters if you'd like.
My unqualified opinion is that they are1930s building of the
Cinclare Sugar Mill.

The original statue is in Winn Parish;
This statue sits across the street from the West Baton
Rouge Parish Courthouse.

To me: Allen is saying to Louisianian's after the Civil War:

Forget what you once possessed - now lost,
Forget the conflict and that you had enemies,
Forget the price you paid - more than was mete,
Swear allegiance to the Union - we are one again,
And built on the future and find solace where you can find it. 
                                                                 -Author of this blog

1 comment:

LD said...

The cabins pictures above did indeed come from Allendale Plantation and were moved to the grounds of the West Baton Rouge Museum. Some date to the late 1800s as they were rebuilt after the war. The statue of Allen across from the WBR Courthouse is the original statue commissioned in the 1960s and created by Angela Gregory.