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Aug 9, 2011

Fleur de lis Roman Style Pizza, began in 1946

The an artist depiction of the Fleur de lis when it was a Cocktail Lounge,it is rumored that it was a Speakeasy* during prohibition under a previous ownership.
*a place where alcoholic drink was sold illicitly during Prohibition. Prohibition was from 1920 to 1933.

From a very good source: This was a service station, then grocery, the cocktail lounge, and now pizzeria. Also, from same source: There used to be a motel behind the cocktail lounge.

Fleur de lis, as it is today, very little has changed.

Fleur de lis Roman Style Pizza,
a family restaurant since 1946
5655 Government St. at Lovers Lane

Quote: "We try to keep everything the same as it always has been. Most importantly the recipe, style and quality of the pizza. We also try to maintain the traditional look of the building both inside and out." -Fleur de lis

Review: "The Fleur De leis made their square Roman style pizza considered by most to be the best in town..." 

Mr. Lynn Anselmo, formerly owner of Tony's Restaurant

Author: I love the fact that the neon on the front is exactly the way it was from the cocktail lounge time, except for the addition of "Roman Pizza". The top neon say "Air Conditioning" which was "new" technology in the day. Even the Jax Beer sign hanging off a poll to the right is still there, but broke out.

Interestingly, the bar inside was brought over from the Dixie Brewery in New Orleans in the 1940's.

Other reviews:

Fleur de lis Roman Style Pizza
5655 Government St.
Drive-thru window and take out
Call Fleur de lis at (225) 924-2904

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Mike said...

I love that place. The fact about the bar is particularly interesting. I look at that bar and wonder about it every time I go in there. What an interesting history behind it.

Anonymous said...

if you look closely at the fabric on the bar you'll see places where people stubbed out their cigarettes. someone told me that when there was smoking allowed, the cloud would start at the ceiling and slowly descend during the evening. also, there used to be a door in the kitchen that customers could use, but now the three other doors have to suffice!