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May 20, 2011

Historical Baton Rouge Hotels

[FYI: If you are looking to book a hotel room you have come to the wrong place.]

Data on the following hotels are sparse to me, I will chronological these hotels in order when I can put a date on them.
Only two of the historical hotel buildings exist today (to my knowledge) and are used as hotel's, the Hilton and the Indigo.

BATON ROUGE HOTELS [Historic Hotels (all destroyed but the last two)]
Madame Legendre's Hotel (hear Legendre pronounced) In 1825 she owned the town's largest inn. Source.

City Hotel (on Lafayette St., circa 1861)

Harney House Hotel, (Lafayette and Main streets, built in the 1840s, lost by fire in the 20th century).

Grand Capitol Hotel, renamed the Grouchy Hotel

Grouchy Hotel, (grew-SHAY), renamed the Louisian Hotel.

Louisian Hotel, renamed from Grouchy Hotel, it existed until the mid-20th century.

Istrouma Hotelbuilt at Third and Florida Streets in 1904, managed by Alex Grouchy and Son. It had 5 floors and contained 90 rooms. An annex built in 1924 also contained 90 rooms. The Fire Department order the 90 rooms of the old part shut down due to fire hazards. 

Mayer Hotel, said to have been at 214 Third St., founded by Buffington S. Mayer, he was also one of the founders of the Istrouma Hotel.

Mayfield Hotel, (Third St.)

Union Hotel, (opposite the old Court House, possibly 4th St.).

Verandah Hotel, c1830s, Third & Laurel Streets; operated by the Lorente family  Source

Wax Hotel, (unsubstantiated).

Heidelberg Hotel, now Hilton Hotel, About link

King Hotel, now Indigo Hotel, 

[More to come if when ever I learn more.]

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