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Mar 30, 2011

George Washington Statue Stolen by Federal Troops in Baton Rouge in 1862.

In 1848 the State of Louisiana commissioned famed sculptor Hiram Powers, of 19th century notoriety, to create a full-length statue of the likeness of George Washington which took six years to complete in Powers studio in Italy.

During the occupation of Federal (Union) troops in Baton Rouge a decision was made that the statue should be removed from Baton Rouge (from the South), to keep the Rebels from vandalizing it.
"Louisianans were enraged by this, but powerless to stop its transfer. One prominent citizen called the act, "...the most outrageous act of spoliation that ever made an American cheek tingle with shame."Source [Parenthesis added]
They shipped the statue to Washington DC via New Orleans and New York City.

Account of the theft of the George Washington statue by federals from the Old State House, Baton Rouge, 1862. Account here:

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"Statues have come and gone — most notably that of George Washington, now housed at the State Capitol..." Source Note: If that is true it has to be a replacement as the original was destroyed.

Also at the time of the occupation of Baton Rouge by the Union the state legislative library was housed in the State House which comprised of 7,000 books, some manuscripts, and maps. Some material was stolen by the North and brought to Wisconsin, among which were  the French and Spanish archival records of the various colonies of Louisiana -- Our History.

Early State Library located in the Old State House
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Wisconsin Historical Society returned some of the 
material taken from State House.
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Louisiana Genealogy Blogs said...

Some materials from our library evidently went to Wisconsin during the Civil War. A few were returned by the historical society of that state.