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Feb 19, 2011

"Greenwell Springs Road" house


This house sat well outside the city limits for most of it's existence.  
I don't believe this is antebellum, I am thinking turn of the century to 1920s.

I have no knowledge of architecture at all, I have though payed more attention to the steps in trying to guess an age of this house (notice the extremely wide and low "rails" of the steps (if they can be called that).

I would love to see this house to be maintained, but it isn't my call.
The owner houses his migrant workers here.
I made attempts through the workers to get the owner to contact me to no avail.
I will drive by to get an address off the mailbox on the street.


Anonymous said...

I remember this house in it's glory. My family bought a farm house up the road when Greenwell Springs Road east of the Airline Hwy. was still out of the city limits. I still live in the old house and it saddens me every time I pass this place. I also hope to one day pass and see that it has been returned to it's glory days.

Owner said...

This house is on the left side of Greenwell Springs Road if you are driving out of town just before Wendy's on the right. I have no address. The property is grown up with under growth. It is private property, so I wouldn't suggest you trespass.


Beautiful older home. I would love to see pictures of the inside and back yard if possible. Do u know why this house is vacant? Sincerely, C.Maxcey from Jones County Ms

Unknown said...

We would really like permission to enter the house and do a paranormal investigation. Would not touch anything inside.

Unknown said...

Why would anyone leave this beautiful old lady to die?

Ronnie Owens said...

"Why would leave this beautiful old lady to die?"
I fell the same way.

I have not spoken to the owner so I have not taken liberties and have no other knowledge of the property

Victoria Thomas said...

This is a 1920s Southern Colonial. It was built by Dr. Andrews. Another doctor across the street built a similar historic house but it burned down. My parents measured the dimensions of the Greenwell Springs house and had an architect draw up the blueprints. They built an exact replica late 1990s on Oakberry Avenue in Central. We moved there in 1999, but it was lost to bank foreclosure after their divorce around 2008. It's so sad to see this old house abandoned, I'm afraid our replica will have the same fate.

I have a picture of our house if anyone would like to see it for an uncanny comparison.

Blog Owener said...

Victoria Thomas, I just wish to be thank you so much for providing much information which that prevents me and my viewer from much wondering about this stately house. I am so happy to honor this house for you.

Due to my posting about the house apparently it prompted some closer investigation by viewers of the post because there was a "No Trespassing" sign placed on the gate. Please, do not enter this private property. The house is inhabited by hefty construction dudes.