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Sep 23, 2010

Pier and Beam Foundation

Recently when I was roaming the Internet I stumbled across a very good commentary on the history of a particular structural type in Louisiana in a comment from a Realtor, it was on "Pier and Beam" foundation, she graciously gave permission to post that comment and she sent me a photo (subject of comment) that is a fine example of the structural type. I thought it was entertaining history trivia.

 "Pier and Beam foundation here in Louisiana, started not just for flooding, but to keep the homes cool in the extreme heat and humidity. The raised floor allows a breeze to travel under the home. Many of these structures have insulation under the home to keep the floor from being freezing cold on your feet in winter. It's also why area rugs became popular decor here in the South. Another function of the raised floor was to minimize "critters" from entering the home." -Ann Dail 
Ann Dail, Broker/Owner
Baton Rouge Area Homes, LLC

 Example of Pier and Beam Foundation

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