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Sep 25, 2010

The Baton Rouge Municipal Dock - 1920s

In the early 1920s, the need became apparent for a public docking facility to handle cargo for smaller shippers and port users. By 1926, the Baton Rouge Municipal Dock had been completed at a cost of $550,000. It was located on the east bank of the Mississippi adjacent to the present I-10 bridge. (The structure can still be seen today) This new facility enabled ocean-going vessels to off-load heavy cargo onto barges for upriver transport, or to rail for inland shipment through Baton Rouge. Source

Most people in Baton Rouge are oblivious of the 1920 era 'Municipal Dock' located just South of the newer Mississippi river bridge (East bank), the dock was the first improvement from the Baton Rouge Wharf. Before the levees was built, the Baton Rouge wharf allowed steam boats, military ships, and flat boats to pull up next to the bank. The steam boat received and delivered passengers and bales of cotton while the navy boats received coal for their boilers. Source unknown, may be my own words.

Personal comment:
When I first started researching Baton Rouge, I walk out on the dock of the Municipal Dock and I saw phone booths (no phones) I had to learn the name and history of the dock. Since then, I believe, some metal roofing was stolen. I went out there again in late Summer of this year ('10) to refresh my memory and to see what remains of what I saw. Since my first visit it had been chained up, ere before my last visit someone has busted through, so I began to walk. After I walked a few yards I saw that the sheet metal flooring of the catwalk has became rusted and in some spots I could see right through it, so I didn't venture further as it would have been too dangerous.

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