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Sep 30, 2010

Carl Weiss House

Site of the home of Dr. Carl Weiss
and Mrs. Yvonne Louise (Pavy) Weiss and son, Carl Austin Weiss Jr.
Across street from 430 Lakeland Drive in Baton Rouge. 

No one could have lived closer to the Capitol Building than the Weiss's, he might have frequented the building often and the legislator's probably all knew him by sight.

 In 1933, Dr. Weiss married the former Yvonne Louise Pavy of Opelousas. 
The couple had one son,  Dr. Carl Austin Weiss, Jr. (born 1934). Source 

The, white, foundation wall of the demolished 'La Dept. of Insurance Building' behind the sign is causing the strange effect (if you noticed the sign appears to leap off the photo) on the lower part of the sign. 

Dr. Carl Weiss
By 1935 Weiss was the best known ear, nose and throat surgeon in Louisiana.
Dr. Weiss was described as "unassuming, successful, family-rooted, apolitical".
Other than the sign, I will not taint his name here as he has not been proven guilty.

"LOUISIANA: Death of a Dictator" NY Times, Monday, Sep. 16, 1935

His body was exhumed on October 29, 1991, from Roselawn Cemetery, for forensic evaluation, fifty-six years after the event, and never returned to Roselawn. Source

...the body of Carl Weiss, the doctor who allegedly shot Huey Long and was then mowed down by Long’s bodyguards fifty-six years ago, is also going to be exhumed for examination (1991). There are persons who believe that someone in Huey’s entourage shot him and that the guards either went berserk or by prearrangement gunned down a patsy on whom to pin the shooting. The idea is to check the position and angle of Weiss’s wounds for whatever light this might shed on his location at the crucial moment. Source Parenthesis added

::::Doubts persist of Weiss's guilt or innocence::::
Was he a convenient scapegoat, or was he an assassin. 
On this post I will consider Weiss just a mild-mannered E.N.T. Physician, innocent until proven guilty, but the preponderance of motive is not in he favor.
I do not seek to convict men in the court of public opinion, but to just state historical facts.

The movie, "All the King's Men (2006) was based on the political life of Huey P. Long.

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