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Aug 26, 2010

Battle of Baton Rouge

By Daniel F. O'Connell

Excerpt teaser:

MG Van Dorn (CSA) was anxious to mount an attack on the Louisiana capital but the second effort against Vicksburg had stalled his plans. As the Union army and navy threatened the city Van Dorn began to think of the attack on Baton Rouge as a means to draw Federal troops away from Vicksburg. Accordingly, he contacted BG Daniel Ruggles to ascertain the size of the Union garrison at Baton Rouge and an estimate of what might be needed to take the city. Ruggles commanded the only other significant Confederate force in the region, a small division located at Camp Moore.

On July 10th Ruggles reported to Van Dorn that he had 1500 men and one battery ready and if he had an additional battery and 3500 troops he could liberate the capital city. In the days following this report Ruggles received intelligence that suggested the Union garrison had been reinforced by 2200 troops that were being brought up from New Orleans to begin operations against Madisonville, Louisiana. When these reports were forwarded to Van Dorn he had no choice but to delay the planned offensive again. [parenthesis added]

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BG = Brigadier General
MG = Major General

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