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Apr 21, 2010

Old Baton Rouge "City Market"

City Market Bell
This bell is from the Old Baton Rouge City Market, the bell is presently located at Magnolia Mound Plantation on Nicholson Drive.

Plaque beneath bell

A major center of activity was in the old Baton Rouge Market. The market was first located on North Boulevard at the south end of Third Street and later, in 1854, moved to the site of the existing Municipal Building, St. Ferdinand and North Boulevard.

Although the major business of the market was to sell meats and produce during the hours of 2 a.m. until 8 a.m., the market also served coffee and doughnuts at all hours, thus attracting a crowd eager for the latest political and social news. In addition the old market was used for all-night dances on special holidays. Source


Shown above are three cast-iron columns of the old city market, this luminary is at City Park, there are two luminaries in the park using six columns. There were a total of 12 columns that La. State U. acquired and put to use on the old carousel pavilion.

Sign beneath luminary

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Will said...

This is so cool! BR is so rich in history. Thank you for maintaining a blog that is very much worth the reading.