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Mar 9, 2010

1855 Baton Rouge Suburbs

"The town (Baton Rouge) was laid out in several sections named after the men who established them. Included were Gras, Duval, Leonard, Hickey-Duncan, Mather, and Beauregard towns, which were incorporated into "Baton Rouge in 1817." Source

Here are suburbs that are listed on a 1855 Baton Rouge map:
(Underscore = letter(s) that are illegible)

Aubert Town*
Suburb Gracie
Miranda Town
Spanish Town
Industry Town (also, Town of Industry)
Suburb Med_agua?
Gardersomething Hall's Row?
Grass Town?
Tivolier Town
Jackson's Garden
Deval Town
Magnolia Ville
Suburb Waller
Buhler Town
Hicky Duncan Mather
Gilbert Leonard Town
Hicky Town
Beauregard Town
Beauregard Supplemental
Suburb Young
Lorente Town
Suburb Bonnecaze
Fuqua and Lamon
Suburb Favrol? (spelling unsure, poss. Favrot)

*Aubert Town: "The area, first known in legal descriptions as Square 4, Aubert Town, was part of an early addition to the initial Spanish Town settlement of 1805.
The boundaries of Square 4 are: State Capitol Drive on the north; Lakeland Drive on the south; N. 7th Street on the east and on the west by N. 6th Street. Because of its architectural resources and long association as Spanish Town, Square 4 is included within the boundaries of the Spanish Town Historic District listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978." Source [Read more interesting info on Aubert Town from source.]

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