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Nov 18, 2009

Latil Stationery

76 year at 326 Third St.
the original phone number was 788.

Mr. Claude J. Latil (born about 1891)
Latil Stationery Company Inc., founded September 1933.
It was a  modest start by a sixth grade educated man with a dream. Back in the 1930s Claude Latil's sales rep was J.C. Hall, who later found fame and fortune by creating Hallmark Cards. Latil then made history by becoming the first Hallmark store in the south. 

 I lost the history of Latil, man and store, when Latil's took down their website, I regret not saving it.
Upstairs: Business Office and Wedding products.
With the demographics having changed downtown and the advent of Email and Internet, Latil's understand that the 76 year old store, "is no longer relevant to American life.", Latil's previous owner

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Anonymous said...

Try looking for Latil's website on the wayback machine. Do a search for the wayback machine--I'm not talking about the one made famous by Mr. Peabody on the Rocky & Bullwinkle show. The wayback machine is a project to save as much historical information on the web as possible.