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Nov 18, 2009

Frostop Malt Shop Sign

For all you sock-hop kid's of the 50's who "twisted the night away", who went to see Flash Gordon at the Paramount, who owned Fat's Domino and Chubby Checker records, the Frostop mug downtown on Government Street has been painted (restored). A while ago I went in there and talked to the owner and we discussed painting it, from what I understood she had an interest in restoring it; she is a sweet Middle Eastern lady.

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the catman said...

I remember that there were a few scenes from "Everybody's All American" filmed inside the Frostop, but can't remember if the giant root beer sign was in any of those shots. GLAD to see they've restored it to its old 50s/60s era glory, and I wish they'd do that with the ones down here in NOLA too. I think the one on Jefferson Hwy by Causeway is still there, and the last time I saw the one on Claiborne it was upside down... think they decided to leave it that way for a while.

Really enjoy your blog, I lived in BR when I was a student there and loved it very much. Beautiful city with a wonderful, interesting history.