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Sep 23, 2009

Calandro's Plee-zing Food Store -1941

PLEE-ZING Food Store
Original Calandro's Grocery  established
in 1941 by Mr. Brazil Joseph Calandro

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T Shaw said...

I am from Pensacola,FL. I grew up in the Brownsville area. The two grocery stores I only knew were, Barnes Supermarket, and Plee-zing.
The Plee-zing, was on T Streeet. I went there many times, as a child, with my mother. She passed away, March 27,1997. I was only 23yrs old. My mother raised 3 boys on her own, always making Christmas SO special for us. My reason for writing this letter is, I am decorating for Christmas,and I ran across some ornaments my mother bought, with the sale tag still on them, from Plee-zing, and I broke down. Precious memories!!