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Aug 10, 2009

Reiley-Reeves House at 810 Park Blvd., circa 1910-11

Reiley-Reeves House, at 810 Park Blvd
Text on photo: Residence of Dr. Joe Jones

Source & Credit: "The Baton Rouge Room"
East Baton Rouge Parish Library
River Center Branch

Photo is from the Camille Cazedessus Collection
Photo is Public Domain
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Listed In The National Register - 05/24/1979

Newspaper story on the Reiley-Reeves House
Under paragraph heading: "First House"

As the house appears today.
The arched porch is called an arcade. The roof was extended to cover the upstairs gallery, and the tall chimney's are gone except one. The roof is covered with tarpaulin; the house is in need of repair and paint.

Built by George Junkin Reiley, the house is the only, disputably  called, Queen Anne style residence with a two-story octagonal room, turret and steeple left in Baton Rouge. The Reiley-Reeves home was the first to be built in the Roseland Terrace subdivision, according to courthouse research. The property has remained in the family since 1910 through acts of succession and sales.
Source:  Nat. Register Application Description

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