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Feb 3, 2009

Florence Coffee House - 1850

 130 Main Street between Lafayette and River Road

The Florence Coffee House was built in 1850 by Johan and Lucas Florence to replace an earlier building which had been destroyed by fire ref. On July 24, 1850, the Florence brothers signed a contract with Nelson Potts for the building's construction. The cost was $1,225. In 1852 the property was sold to Matteo Dorice for $2,500 and since then there has been a long succession of owners. Until the Civil War the building remained in use as a coffee house. Since the war it has served a variety of uses, being at different times a grocery, a cobbler shop, a boardinghouse, and a private residence. The owners before the present one restored the building in 1971.

Those arched window frames could be extremely old
perhaps early 20th century.

Both above and below photos are of the
end of the drive
-thru  seen in front.

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