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Jan 22, 2009

The Statue of Hebe on North Boulevard

The Women's Christian Temperance Union donated a statue of the mythological Greek goddess Hebe to Baton Rouge in 1914; it was erected on North Boulevard adjacent to the old court house.

Statue of Hebe
(not North blvd. one, this one is inside the
'LSU Orangery' on Windrush Plantation)

The Statue of Hebe is known as the

"Naughty Lady of North Boulevard"

[In Greek mythology Hebe (Hēbē, maybe Hǽbe) was the Cup bearer to the gods.]

[As soon as the construction (or addition) to the court house is completed I will post my own photos of the North Blvd. Hebe. Right now I can't get to her as she in a large area is cordoned off by the construction company.]

EBR Parish Library

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