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Jan 28, 2009

Harney Hackett House, 813 North Street, built 1895

 Harney Hackett House, 813 North Street -1895
I was happy to see that this piece of B.R. history being preserved, they took the majority of the paint down to the wood, a lot of work for this young man and his dad hired to do the work. This was a rental from way back, the historical usage was a rent house. There was a latter addition to the house (left above scaffolding, painted area).

This now commercial building is the third house from the corner beside the MLK (I-110), it is two doors down from The Potts House*, which is on the corner and for sale. There is a mirrored-plan house (duplicate, but mirrored) of this one next door in between the Hackett House and the Potts House.

*Nelson Potts was a master brick mason in the 19th century.

The store at 801-803 North Street, left of photo-next door, was built about 1883. This is said to have been a warehouse and residence, used many years by the Hackett family, whose business was refinishing furniture. Source: (link removed, broken)

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