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Dec 2, 2008

Illinois-Central Railroad Depot and Freight Station c1923

Illinois-Central Railroad Depot  
in Baton Rouge with the Mississippi River in background and the Port of Baton Rouge on opposite shore in West Baton Rouge Parish (left). [Note: Baton Rouge and the Port of Baton Rouge are not on the same side of the river.]

The "Illinois-Central" part of the wooden plaque is missing.

 The Freight Station warehouse's area is called "Catfish Town", I've seen six 'IC' freight buildings at Catfish Town.

When Catfish Town, now the Atrium for the Belle of Baton Rouge Casino, was still a viable entity it was supposedly named for the fact that residents of Catfish Town were able to catch catfish from their homes during the annual spring flooding of the Mississippi River that occurred before the levee system was put in place. Source

In 1900 the "Baton Rouge, Hammond and Eastern Railroad" was incorporated with the objective of running a line between the towns of Baton Rouge and Hammond. This company did not begin construction and was acquired by the Illinois Central system in 1906. The IC then proposed a railroad that would run through Maxwell three miles to the south. Later they altered the route to include Denham Springs and this alteration placed the line through Albany.

Albany was created as a crossroad community where the east-west railroad intersected the old north-south road. The first regular train was operated over the Baton Rouge-Hammond line on Feb. 26, 1908. Source

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