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Oct 15, 2008

Pino House, c1823

House at 721 North Street 
purchased by Antonio Pino in 1823.

Marker reads: Little cottage typical of the wood frame residences of early Spanish Town. Originally, the house was one room deep with galleries, front and rear. The original lot, 160 feet wide and extending from North Street to Spanish Town Road, was purchased by Antonio Pino in 1823 from Etienne, son of Don Carlos de Grand Pre, Spanish commandant at Baton Rouge.

Excerpt from the National Register of Historical Places for Spanish Town:
The Pino House at 721 North Street stands on property once owned by Stephen de GrandPre, one of the sons of Spanish Governor Don Carlos de GrandPre. The cottage-styled house in the Classical Mode is believed to have been built about 1823. Source

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