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Aug 30, 2008

Louisiana's Old State Capitol Building

Louisiana's Old State Capitol Building

I took this 10 stories up in the Hilton Hotel (originally the Heidelberg Hotel). 
The 1888 BR Water Company Standpipe in the right foreground, it was originally black.

Monument and grave of Governor Henry Watkins Allen. 
State funds or not available to maintain this grave and monument, the soil is eroding and the ground cover plants is looking pretty shabby, the director of the Old State Capitol said a private citizen group could donate the funds needed of care of the grave. (first hand information, no citation)

Colonel Henry Watkins Allen was second in command of the 4th Louisiana Infantry Regiment formed out of the Delta Rifles (militia or partisan rangers).

"Col. Allen was shot in the mouth [at Shiloh April 5th 1862], the miniƩ ball tearing part of the cheek away. He stopped the wound with cotton and a handkerchief." Source

Gov. Allen in a letter from the City of Mexico 25th Dec. 1865 to a friend In Louisiana -
"When it shall please God to consign this mutilated body to it's last resting place..." Source

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Anonymous said...

That Old State Capitol building really is beautiful!