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Aug 31, 2008

Baton Rouge Miscellaneous

[Some photos on this page may, or may not be, of things that is very old, as we think of historic; I just want to record all plaque, sculptures, and statures in the city.]

The Mayola Building, Third Street
The Internet provided no information in the first two pages of search results on this building, I am very interested in this building and would appreciate any information on it. My niece's husband work on Hollywood movie productions and said that there is old offices on upper floor some used for storage. This door leads to a staircase I believe. The movie, "The Edge" was film up there in part.

Capitol Annex Plaque / Gov. Richard W. Leche

Columbus Plaza
Jefferson Davis Highway

Blue Star Memorial Highway
River Road in front of Illinois-Central Depot 

Kennon Plaza Plaque

Kennon Plaza is found in the medium on North Blvd., it is a pedestrian rest area with a large semi-circle bench that helps to define the plaza, it is facing a brick structure resembling a well with a closed top, with a memorial plaque honoring Governor Robert Kennon. I don't know how old the plaza is for appraising the historical value, I just wanted to post all memorial plaques.

The Roumain Building Street Clock c1913
Respectfully, please preserve this clock and paint it, Mr. Dean, or whoever it concerns.

King Hotel (now Indigo Hotel) 
The first three stories of this brick building were constructed in 1921 by Alfred C. Glassell, Sr. for the Standard Motor Car Company. In 1928 architect Edward F. Nield redesigned the building and added four additional stories. This interesting brick structure became the second most significant hotel in the downtown area for a period of fifty years. A legendary underground service tunnel connects the King and Heidelberg hotels. Source
King Hotel Renovations
Indigo Hotel (King) to open Feb.

 The Triad Building
The Triad Building was a business adventure of three persons, thus the name. 

 Saint Joseph Cathedral
The 'Paper Clip Dock'.

  Battle of Baton Rouge Historical Marker on Park Blvd.

  Cannon Battery Site of Bernardo Galvez,
Governor of Spanish Louisiana, Bernardo de Galvez, and forces comprised of Spanish troops, free Blacks, and Creole routed the British from the fortification on the Mississippi River bank at Baton Rouge on September 21, 1779. The site that he placed his battery of cannons is in present day Lafayette Park downtown on Lafayette street near the old state house. A water standpipe stands erect in the park.

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