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Jun 12, 2008

Powder magazine and Arsenal Building - built 1835

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[Governor] Huey [Pierce] Long, mastermind behind the New State Capitol, had one powder magazine torn down and attempted to have this one demolished, too, to provide space for a sunken rose garden.
Interested citizens managed to stop his plans, and were also effective in blocking construction of a new Welfare Building on the site. The two earlier magazines had long since disappeared Prior to World War II...

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Nonie said...

My sister told me about this blog and I have had a delightful time "wandering through BR". So many of these pictures bring back good memories. I was born and raised in BR but moved away after graduating from LSU. I am a true Tiger...even though I have not lived in BR since marriage. In time, I will be back to enjoy more of your historical review. I have a child buried in Magnolia Cemetery with older family members. I played on the grounds of the state capital...was born in the Old Lady of the Lake hospital...graduated from BRHS. My husband in an Istrouma Indian. All good thoughts. Thanks for helping me relive some good times.