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Jun 21, 2008

Lincoln Movie Theater

[If you were searching for the theater that President Lincoln was shot in then this is not it, Lincoln was shot in the Ford Theater.]

[Some photos are missing and need to be reloaded, I will eventually get around to doing that.]
Located at Myrtle Street and Eddie Robinson Drive (13th Street), the Lincoln Theater is a relic of the pre-Civil Rights era, when Baton Rouge divided more rigidly along racial lines.

Built in 1950 by Dr. A.L. Chapman, a family physician and businessman, the Lincoln Theater was a state-of-the-art facility in its heyday and one of the first major gathering halls for black residents in Baton Rouge to include centralized air conditioning. Source

Credit for above link and following photo's are attributed to: MS. Colleen Kane and her web page below:

Newspaper: Lincoln Theater to be revitalized [embedded Video] New
The Lincoln Theatre Marquee

[Looks as if their last showing was some time ago.]

At the corner of Myrtle and 13th streets

The Lincoln Theater Box Office

The Lincoln Theater Barber Shop
[Spooky, looks as if they left in a hurry or they died in some catastrophe that wiped out the town as in a Steven King movie.]

Local real estate investor Ted Jemison has purchased the historic Lincoln Theater and is renovating the building for use as a community theater. Source and credit

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