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May 26, 2008

Mayors of Baton Rouge

Candidates for Town Magistrate for April 1827:
J.P. Michel; F. Herault; R.R. Tankersly; E.T. Hall; B.T. Beauregard

Town Magistrates
William R. Willis Elected Town Magistrate in April 1829
JOHN REID, took oath as town magistrate. Newspaper article dated April 24, 1832.
RAPHAEL LEGENDRE, took oath as Town Magistrate of Town of Baton Rouge, 

Newspaper article dated May 4, 1835.

1st. Mayor, JOHN R. DUFROCQ 1850 - 1855
Mason Member of St. James Lodge No. 47,
 formerly editor and proprietor of the Baton Rouge Gazette.
Appointed justice of the peace for East Baton Rouge Parish. 15 November 1849. 
Dufrocq was magistrate from 1846-1855. He was the first town executive to be known as mayor when the title of the position changed in 1850.

Dufrocq School is named for Bro. J. R. Dufrocq, editor and later proprietor of The Gazette, who became the first Mayor of Baton Rouge in 1850, when the office of Mayor was created. Originally named after him, Dufrocq Street was rechristened North Nineteenth Street. Upon his death, The Gazette and Comet said of him, "in this capacity (mayor) he served friends in all walks of life, devoting himself to the service of the poor and oppressed. Courage he had, of the kind to commend. During the long hours of pestilence, when the strong men trembled, Dufrocq went about doing good." Source
JOSEPH MONGET 1855 - 1857
JAMES E. ELAM 1859 - 1862 
Elam was born in Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, La., December 7, 1829. Son of James M. Elam. Mayor of Baton Rouge, La., 1858-62, 1865-69. Died in Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, La., July 31, 1873. Interment at Magnolia Cemetery, Baton Rouge, La.
B. F. BRYAN 1862 - 1865
JAMES ESSEX ELAM 1865 - 1869
O. P. SKOLFIELD 1869 - 1870
JAMES E. ELAM 1870 - 1872
J. E. ELAM 1872 - 1873
HENRY SCHORTEN 1873 - 1876
LEON JASTREMSKI 1876 - 1882 [Link] [Photo]
J. C. CHARLOTTE 1882 - 1883

WILLIAM S. BOOTH 1883 - 1884
G. L. VAY 1884 - 1888
B. F. BRYAN 1888 - 1890
G. L. VAY 1890 - 1894
B. F. BRYAN 1894 - 1896
JOHN J. WAX 1896 - 1898 [Link]
ROBERT A. HART 1898 - 1902 [Photo]
(b,1858 - d.1939) Baton Rouge real-estate investor and politician. Hart served at various times as fire chief, member of the police jury, and mayor (1898-1902). Son of Samuel M. and Sophie Martin Hart, he was vice-president of The First National Bank of Baton Rouge; president of Fuqua Hardware Company, Limited, hardware wholesaler; and owner of S.M. Hart and Son, a general insurance and real estate business. Source
His house was moved behind Magnolia Mound Plantation house and now is used as the Administration Building of Magnolia Mound Plantation.
R. L. PRUYN 1902 - 1903
Confederate and Mexican-American War veteran; burial 1917 BR National Cemetery,
no mention on grave of his Confederate service by word or symbol.  
W. H. BYNUM 1903 - 1910
JULES ROUX 1910 - 1913
ALEX GROUCHY, JR.1913 - 1922 [link]
TURNER BYNUM 1922 - 1923
W. H. BYNUM 1923 - ?
HENRY LUSE FUQUA  1924 - 1926 [photo] [grave marker]
W. H. BYNUM ? - 1940
FRED S. LEBLANC 1941 - 1944
JESSE L. WEBB, JR. 1953 - 1956
JESSE L. WEBB, JR. (Mrs.) 1956 -
JOHN CHRISTIAN 1957 - 1964
 In 1938, John "Jack" Christian founded "Baton Rouge Motors Company", with a franchise for Cadillac, La Salle, and Oldsmobile vehicles. Source 
WOODROW "WOODY" WILSON DUMAS 1965 - 1980 [Bio]  [photo]
Dumas was born in Opelousas, St. Landry Parish, La., December 9, 1916. Served in the U.S. Navy during World War II; served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean conflict; mayor of Baton Rouge, La., 1964-. Methodist. Member, American Legion; Veterans of Foreign Wars; Eagles; Elks; Moose; United Commercial Travelers.
PAT SCREEN 1981 - 1988
THOMAS ED McHUGH 1989 - 2000
BOBBY SIMPSON 2001 - 2004
MELVIN “KIP” HOLDEN 2005 - present


Anonymous said...

You have some interesting stuff here. I am also very interested in history & genealogy. And I was born in Baton Rouge. My family lived on Stanford Ave.

Jennifer said...

My husband is a 2d great-great grandson of G. L. Vay who served two terms as mayor. I have had a remarkably difficult time finding information on him; any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

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Sorry for offtopic

Anonymous said...

I see records elsewhere indicating that Bartholomew T. Beauregard "took the oath as Mayor of the Town of Baton Rouge" on April 20, 1824. I pursued this because I was working from a reference in the Baton Rouge Gazette that has him addressing the community as "Mayor Beauregard" in 1827. Any way to clarify this?


Ronnie Owens said...

@Anonymous re. Mayor's office and Bartholomew T. Beauregard.
Before 1850 their title of Mayor was not in use, so the Baton Rouge Gazette wouldn't have printed Mayor Beauregard, if he was in the executive office he would be the magistrate.
I can't verify or excuse your findings. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Here are the sources:


Page 321 Bartholemy T. Beauregard, took oath as Mayor of the Town of Baton Rouge. Dated April 20, 1824. Recorded April 23, 1823. Editor's note: these dates are as they were written.

And, in the Baton Rouge Gazette, Sept 8, 1827, "Mayor B.T. Beauregard responded to rumor of Yellow fever spreading throughout parish" --

Blog Owner said...

Dear Reader, regardless of what the Baton Rouge Gazette have in print Mr. Beauregard could only be Magistrate B.T. Beauregard, at that time. The office changed from Magistrate to Mayor only in 1850.

Thanks !