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May 28, 2008

Flags that have flown over Baton Rouge



 British West Florida

The "Castile and Leon" of Spain

The "Bonnie Blue" 
of the Republic of West Florida - 1810 
[The republic lasted for only 90 days until the U.S. laid claim to it.]

Lyric to "The Bonnie Blue Flag" song,  
when the flag was used by the Confederacy, remember that these lyrics has nothing to do with the Republic of West Florida.

Above: United States
[U.S. flag in use in 1810 when the "Republic of West Florida" was turned over to the United States.]

 Independent State of Louisiana 
(first flown in 1861)
From the time that Louisiana seceded from the Union until it joined the Confederate States of America it was an independent entity.

 State of Louisiana 
(territory and state)
[It is our current flag of our state; it became the official flag April 30, 1902]

I possibly could have erred in the flags posted here, so check this out too, click here.

I haven't sorted out all the time-frames of various national and regional dominion's over Baton Rouge, but I do offer this from one site (see below).
Governing Periods:
French Period - 1699-1766
Spanish Period - 1766-1803
French Interim Period - 11/30 - 12/20/1803
Statehood/Antebellum Period - 1812-1861
Confederate Governors - 1861-1865
United States Wartime Military Governors - 1862-1865
Military Occupation Period - 1865-1877

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