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May 15, 2008

23 caskets unearthed in 1931 on new State Capital Grounds

Some of the 23 coffins unearthed on capitol grounds.
Caption of photo reads: "Photograph of caskets removed to collective burial pit 4-11-31" 

The remains occupying these coffins were probably of Spanish colony military.
I took this picture of a photo hanging in the Metro Airport, 
which should exclude me from breaking copyright laws.

To view original photo click here.
I believe that at least 'some' of the casket at the "Post Cemetery were cast iron, to see some diagrams of various kinds of cast iron caskets and details of why they were preferable to the military in the 19th century click here.

Marker reads:
A site east and south of the powder magazine (Arsenal Museum) was used as a cemetery from about 1822 to 1879 when the Post was abandoned. It also was known as the American or Protestant Cemetery and some civilians were buried here. Twenty-three caskets found during excavation for the construction of the Capitol in 1931 were reburied in a special vault.
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